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You are in the right place if you’re a confident, inspired Practitioner, Coach, or Healer, or on the path to becoming one, and dedicated to enhancing your Skill Mastery and enriching your Tool Kit. If you’re like me, you want to empower your clients to experience deep and lasting results more quickly, easily, and effectively.


Hi, I’m Georgette Star, and I’m the Founder of the Life Blessing Institute


Our mission is to help people realize their full potential – faster and easier than they ever thought possible.


We train Transformational Leaders in the Coach and Healing professions to lead their clients to desired results using our proven, SOUL STREAM Client Breakthrough Method.


Take a look around our website and let us know what you think, and if you have questions!


Georgette Star MA, D.Min

Sara Kates-Chinoy
Naturopathic Physician
In the SOUL STREAM METHOD Practitioners Training I found an intuitive method of inspiring my patients to recognize their inner resources to overcome obstacles in their healing - and often find themselves with a sense of unexpected freedom, ease, and clarity. This work is rewarding and has quickly become a central part of my work with patients.
Wendy Collier
Transformational Business Coach
Creator of SoulFUEL®

"Georgette helped me to see with greater clarity my purpose and how I go about fulfilling that purpose."

My SOUL STREAM:Life Map Consultation with Georgette was much deeper and more significant than I expected. She has a beautiful ability to put concepts into imagery, making it very easy to understand and take in. Georgette helped me to see with greater clarity my purpose and how I go about fulfilling that purpose. Also, what my stumbling blocks might be and what I need to do to overcome or work with those. She provided four facets to my soul signature and each one resonated as exactly what I know deep down to be true. Having this newfound clarity will help me move forward with my work in the world with far more clarity and even greater confidence.