“If your presence and expression inspire others to awaken to their potential, transcend limitation, and move into inspired action, YOU ARE A LEADER.”

– Georgette Star MA. D.Min

You’re a confident, inspired coach, holistic practitioner or agent of change. or on the path to becoming one. You’re dedicated to finding ways to enhance your mastery of helping your clients achieve what they most deeply desire.

And, if you’re like me, you want to help your clients facilitate deep and lasting results more quickly, easily and effectively.

Hi, I’m Georgette Star, and I’m the Founder of the Life Blessing Institute.

One mission of The Life Blessing Institute is to help people realize their full potential – faster and easier than they ever thought possible.

We teach transformational leaders how to become masterful at helping their clients more easily move through their blocks to reach their personal, professional, and spiritual goals.

As you know, blocks to attaining these goals often include such things as inertia, procrastination, fears of failure or success, limiting belief systems, distraction, confusion and lack of skills, to name a few!!!

We teach transformational leaders in the coach and healing professions to work with clients using our proven, spiritually based SOUL STREAM Method.

I know what it’s like to be born with a gift to heal or empower others. And yet not have all the tools, structure and skills you need to make that happen as potently and quickly as you would like.

I remember when I was much newer to my coaching practice, I would sometimes feel I was in way over my head and would get really l anxious before meeting with a client! It took a lot of courage and a leap of faith to trust that I would know how to go to the depths it often takes to facilitate real and lasting change.

Even though I was able to help my clients and they kept coming back, my fears were getting in the way of my ability to be as effective as I knew I could be. And it was SO much work!

I didn’t give up though, because I knew this was my purpose in life. And I was committed to helping my clients attain their dreams and goals.

So I went on a mission to learn everything I could about spiritual and personal development. I became certified in Spiritual Direction, Transformational Coaching, and got a masters and doctoral degree and founded the Life Blessing Institute.

I was (and am) passionate about strengthening the Empowered & Sacred Feminine. This passion led me to focus several programs on the development of children. I created a girls’ (Maiden Spirit) and a boys (Peace-Warriors) spirituality and rites-of-passage program. I ended up creating a certification program for mentors for these programs, so others, including parents, coaches and healers could be trained in my systems and help even more children. Over time, LBI offered a variety of programs for both youth and adults.

Throughout all these years developing LBI programs, I also maintained an adult coaching practice for individuals and groups.

For the first years of my now 30 year practice, and even with all my education, there were times when my knowledge, skills and methods were not enough to help a particular client move through certain patterns and blocks.

At times like these, I would consult with my Mom, also known as Mother Love or Grandmother Shirley, who had learned a “Soul Mapping” assessment tool from my godmother, Jane.

As a child, I grew up listening to Mom and Jane discuss the ‘Big Questions’ such as “Who am I, Why am I here? And, what am I to do?”. These conversations seeded my consciousness with the importance of exploring such deep questions at a young age.

In the early years of my coaching practice, when my client and I found ourselves in a stuck place, I consulted with my Mom. Her insights into my client’s blocks led to deeper understanding of the cause of the block and breakthroughs.

Over a period of many years and thousands of hours of client sessions, I took what I learned from my Mom and used it to develop my own proprietary methodology to help my clients move through their blocks and achieve their goals.

I call this the “SOUL STREAM Method”.

The SOUL STREAM Method is a spiritually based system that uses archetypes and clearing tools to help your clients connect deeply with their sense of purpose, and transform the blocks that get in the way of achieving their goals and aspirations.

The most beautiful part is that when you — as a coach or healer — learn how to be in your “soul stream”, you can also teach your client how to be in hers. So your work together moves joyfully, freely and effortlessly And, even when your work together is complete, your client will have the tools to navigate through the inevitable challenges that may come their way. They can maintain their own “SOUL STREAM”.

Would you like to learn how the “SOUL STREAM” System can help you and your clients? If so, click here.